I regret to say that due to an accumulation of circumstances (financial and physical) I have decided to stop working as a massage therapist. I will continue to work until the first week of November 2021 and you are able to book online or by calling therap-ease. Any appointments that are available are okay to book. If you have any credit to use, please try to use it up in this time. If you can’t then please get in touch with me directly.

I have met lots of lovely people over the years and it has been my privilege to try to help you all to have less pain or discomfort in your lives. I will very much miss catching up with people, some I’ve know for my entire massage career. This has been a difficult decision for me but something I have been wrestling with for some time. I have tried to come up with solutions where I could continue but the current economic climate has been the final nail in the coffin for me as the future is too uncertain. I plan to change careers completely, but go back, somewhat, to what I studied originally and retrain to be a software developer. I look forward to finding out if I can follow the advice I have given out so often to desk workers!

Other Therapists

Mio will continue to work until the end of December and may continue after this.

I am meeting with therapists that might be in a position to take over from me and will update this page and, the Therapist page, with details when they are available. I will also provide a list of therapists that I have had treatment from that I think make a difference. Everyone has there own style in how they get results and it will suit some more than others. Please check Therapists page for details. I aim to update this list if I see other therapists.