Covid Info

Changes due to Covid -19

As most of you will be aware there has been and still is a worlwide pandemic of Covid-19 novel Coronavirus.  Massage was amongst the list of almost everything that you could not do due to lockdown messures, but as of July 22nd, the Scottish Government has stated that massage therapy can resume with condtions to reduce the risk of Covd-19 being spread.   We are now ready to take bookings for appointments, but there are some important changes that you should be aware of.

Image credit: Trinity Care Foundation via Flickr / Creative Commons

What to Expect

Telephone consultation

Booking in for an appointment requires you to book a telephone consultation before your first face to face appointment.  This will last 5-15mins depending on your situation.  This allows the therapist to check that you are not likley to be bringing Covid-19 infection into the clinic space and also allows us to assess what your needs are and develop a treatment plan for your face to face appointment.

Treatment Time

Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO) guidelines were initially 45mins face to face, with 30mins between appointments for cleaning and ventilation. This had been relaxed to up to 60mins with minimum of 15mins between clients if room has extractor fan (it does and will run at all times). With the move to tier 3 we will revert to a maximum of 45mins face to face and 30mins between appointmnets.

Face to Face appointment

There are a number of changes to the operation of the clinic that mean we all need to do things a bit differently.

  • No Waiting Area – turn up on time for your apointment. If you are early you will need to wait outside until your therapist let you in.
  • Entering the clinic – your therapist will let you in at your appointment time and check your temperture, ensure you are wearing a face covering and ask you to wash your hands.
  • Clothes and belongings – ALL your belongings need to be stored in seal containers while you are in the therapy room.  This includes bags, shopping, and everything you bring in!
  • Towels & linen – Any towels and facehole covers are used once and professionally washed between uses.
  • Bathroom – please go before you come for your appointment as the bathroom is currently unavailable for use.
  • Water – please bring your own water as the fountain is currently not available for use.

We hope that as government guidance changes we will be able to relax some of these measure and will keep you informed of any changes as they happen.

How to Book

You will need to call to book a Telephone consultation if this is your first appointment since lockdown.  You can call the clinic on 0131 447 9990 to book appointments from 27th July.


With face to face contact there is risk attached.  We believe that the measures we are taking make face to face treatment relatively low risk for both clients and therapists. As we arre quite samll we can control the environment and the people involved making compliance with guidelines easier to ensure. Below is a summary of the measures in place to ensure your treatment complies with the guidance.

  • Clients must be screened by telephone or virtual appointmnet before face to face.
  • Face to face contact time is limited to 45mins.
  • Room well ventilated between clients (30mins) and use of extractor fan.
  • All surfaces to be clean and sanitised between clients.
  • Clients and tharapists must wear a face covering at all times.
  • Therapist must wear visor when client is not face down.
  • Rigorous hand washing for clients and therapists.
  • Clients belongings to be stored in sealed container during treatment.
  • Social distancing measures in common spaces, i.e. No waiting area, no bathroom, contactless payments only.

To view the full written risk assement for using the treatment room, you can click on the link below.

View Full Risk Assessment


We have tried to get a balance and hope that normal pricing will resume soon.  The changes reflect the reduced appointment length, the costs associated with purchasing PPE and cleaning products to allow for compliance with guidelines, and also the reduction in capacity due to required time between clients for cleaning and ventilating the room.

Existing Block Payments

  • These can be used for face to face appointments.
  • Telephone consultation will need to be paid at the normal rate.

New Block Payments

For simplicity there will be no new block payments while operating with reduced capacity due to Covid guidelines.  This will be reviewed as guidelines change with the hope it will go back to normal as soon as possible.

Telephone consultation – £10

Face to Face appointment – £45