CORVID-19 – due to the current situation massage has been advised against, by both the government and the governing bodies of massage therapy. It’s unclear how long this situation is likely to last but until there is a change all bookings are suspended. Anyone who had a booking during this time will be contacted once restrictions are lifted. Good luck and best wishes to all!

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Should I get Sports Massage – Injuries, aches and pains don’t have to come from sports to benefit from sports massage!
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Sports Massage – A mixture of massage techniques used to fit around training and perfomance to improve recovery, reduce injury and boost performance.
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Great Therapists – All therapists are professionally trained, fully insured and are activley learning and enhancing their skills all the time.
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Dry Needling – Similar to acupuncture but bassed on Trigger-point therapy, it can releive pain from stubborn knots in muscles.
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Location – In the heart of Morningside with good bus routes, easy walking and reasonable metered parking.
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Tailored Treatment – Your expectations and choices are combined with information and advice to develop a treatment plan that works for you!